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The DCflex is an easy to use, low cost, thin and clip-around DC current probe. It is suitable for measuring large DC currents of >2kA.

The DCflex takes a single shot measurement of the DC current with a typical accuracy of ±1%. It is important to understand that the DCflex does not provide a continuous measurement of DC current.

The DC current is displayed on a small LCD display on the front of the electronics enclosure. Alternatively the output can be viewed on a DMM or oscilloscope via a BNC socket on the front of the enclosure, a feature that is useful if the DC current measured has a ripple component which needs to be measured.

 Reset   Read 

Press the reset button
Null the offset to zero

Clip the probe around
the busbar

Take a reading

Standards and Approvals

  • CE marked
  • Designed to comply with IEC61010-1
  • PEM Ltd is an ISO9001:2015 registered company


Peak current (FS)

10kA, 20kA, 30kA, 40kA (higher custom ratings available)

Output (FS)

2.0V peak

Accuracy (typ.)



  • ± 0.4% of reading - Calibration
    Calibrated to ±0.4% with conductor central in the Rogowski loop – cal. certificate supplied
  • ±0.5% of reading – Conductor position accuracy
    Typical variation with the position of a 20cm2 bus-bar in the Rogowski coil loop conductor position
  • 0.1% of full scale – LCD display error
  • 10.0Ap-p – Uncertainty due to noise
    (e.g. for the 10kA version 0.1% of FS, and for the 40kA version 0.025% of FS)

Measurement drift

  • 0.025% per second of reading - Set-up drift
    From reset to clipping the coil into its socket around the bus-bar
  • < 5.0A /sec - Output drift
    From clipping the coil into its socket to taking a reading


Operating temperature range

0℃ to +40℃ (Integrator electronics)


–10℃ to +120℃ (Coil and cable)

Coil Lengths

1000mm or 2000mm (custom lengths available)

Coil thickness

8.5mm max.

Peak coil insulation

2kV peak

Cable Length (coil to integrator)

1.5m (custom lengths available)

Power Supply

‘B’ Battery 4 x AA (1.5V standard alkali batteries)
Plus - 2.1mm socket for 12V (±10%) DC input


1.999V max output (4 digit display 0.001V resolution)
BNC socket to plug output directly into DMM, scope, etc.


  • Traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • Integral display so no need for external meters or oscilloscopes (though BNC output also provided)
  • Fully galvanically isolated measurement
  • Thin, flexible, clip-around coil easy to insert in confined spaces
  • Large circumference coils capable of being installed around very large bus-bars or cable bundles.


Some typical applications include

  • Metal smelting plants
  • Cathodic protection
  • Hydro-generation
  • DC link (large inverter motor drives)
  • Plating plants
  • Verifying the performance of large dc shunts or Hall Effect transducers that are in-situ in existing plant.

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