Test & Measurement

The CWT range of wide-bandwidth, thin, flexible, clip-around Rogowski current sensors is designed for measuring complex current waveforms such as those produced during semiconductor switching or in power electronic converters.
<100mA to >300kA
Freq: <0.1Hz to >30MHz

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Monitoring & Control

The RCT is a real alternative to Current Transformers. Designed for the permanently installed industrial market, the RCT range offers all the advantages of Rogowski Coil technology with the addition of industry standard interfaces for quick and easy connection to process control and monitoring equipment.

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Rogowski Technology

With over 20 years of research and development in the field, PEM can justly claim to have pioneered the general purpose Rogowski transducer as a readily available wideband commercial product. Here we explain the basic operation of a Rogowksi coil to help you better understand our products.

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Rogowski and Current Measurement

World leaders in the design and manufacture of wide-bandwidth current measuring devices based on Rogowski Technology.

PEM has sold its high performance ac current transducers to over 35 countries and can count major international companies, government bodies and research institutions as its customers.

Before PEM's existence, Rogowski transducers were relatively unknown and only used for a few specialist applications. PEM can justly claim to have pioneered the general purpose Rogowski transducer as a readily available wideband commercial product. Since its first range in 1991 PEM has continued to provide state-of-the-art Rogowski transducers across a broad range of applications and provides advice and assistance to engineers with current measurement problems.

PEM remain committed to research into the performance of Rogowski current transducers as well as other novel measurement techniques for electric current, voltage and power.

Why Choose a Rogowski Current Transducer from PEM?

PEM have numerous publications and patents relating to Rogowski technology. This in-depth knowledge enables PEM to provide a high level of technical support for our standard products and to offer our expertise in design and manufacture for custom applications.

PEM’s Rogowski current transducers have many benefits:

Simple to retro-fit, the clip-around Rogowski coil sensor is thin, lightweight, flexible and robust


Coil size is not dependant on the magnitude of the current to be measured:

  • Coils small enough to fit between the legs of a TO-220 semi-conductor;
  • 20m coils to fit round a wind-turbine.

Non-Intrusive (presents the equivalent of only a few pH to the circuit under test)


Wide-bandwidth devices with predictable frequency response, ideal for power quality measurement or monitoring complex waveforms.


Intrinsically safe - No danger of an open circuit secondary.


Galvanic isolation


Excellent linearity (Rogowski coils have no magnetic materials to saturate)


Capable of taking huge overload currents without damage


Immune to DC Currents - as a result it can measure small AC currents in the presence of a large DC component



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