Rogowski Current Transducer Theory

Develops the linear equivalent circuit of the Rogowski coil.
EPE Journal Vol. 3, March 1993

Develops the inverting integrator transfer function with a low pass filter and discusses low frequency noise.
EPE Journal Vol. 3, June 1993

Discusses the high frequency (hf) limitations of the inverting integrator. Introduces the patented non-inverting circuit with improved hf performance.
EPE Conference, Lausanne, Sept 1999

Introduces the transmission line model of the Rogowksi coil, passive integration and the effect of asymmetric coil excitation.
IEEE-IAS Conference, Rome, Oct 2000

Provides a time domain (MATLAB) model for the Rogowski coil and cable dynamics. Experimental verification is provided by an RGF probe.
EPE Conference, Graz, Aug 2001

Examines the effects of electrostatic shielding of the Rogowski coil.
IEEE-PESC Conference, Aachen, Sept 2004

Provides the full derivation of the Rogowski coil transmission line model and examines its limitations.
EPE Conference, Dresden, Sept 2005

Calibration and Testing of Rogowski Current Transducers

Describes the design and construction of a 4000A / 50Hz highly stable current source used to calibrate PEM's transducers.
EPE Conference, Lausanne, Sept 1999

Describes the design and construction of a modular test rig capable of generating a 2kA pulse with a rise time of 40ns to test the hf performance of Rogowski transducers.
IEEE-APEC, Dallas, March 2006

Examines the calibration of Rogowski current transducers (CWT range) which employ both passive and active integration
PCIM 2007, Nuremberg, May 2007

PEM are world leaders in the design and manufacture of wide-bandwidth Rogowski current transducers. Listed here is a selection of the key papers from PEM, published in leading international conferences and journals, over the past 20 years.

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