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The CWTMini50HF is a special edition of the CWTMiniHF range.

The CWTMini50HF is optimised for faster switching devices such as SiC and has a high frequency (-3dB) bandwidth of 50MHz with a 100mm coil at just 3.5mm thickness (2kV peak insultation).

As with CWTMiniHF range it combines an innovative screened Rogowski coil providing excellent immunity to interference from fast local dV/dt transients or large 50/60Hz voltages with excellent high frequency performance.

The CWT range is ideal for power electronic applications, such as monitoring semiconductor switching waveforms or for measurements in electrically noisy environments. The easy-to-use thin, flexible, clip-around coil accurately replicates fast switching current waveforms be they sinusoidal, quasi sinusoidal or pulsed.

Standards and Approvals

  • CE marked
  • Designed and Tested to EN 61326-1:2013
  • Designed and Tested to EN 61010-1 Third Edition
  • PEM Ltd is an ISO9001:2015 registered company
  • Patents Pending (granted patent JP 6438963)


Peak current

30A to 3kA peak options


±6.0V peak corresponding to 'Peak Current' into ≥100kΩ

±3.0V peak corresponding to 'Peak Current' into 50Ω

High Frequency Bandwidth (-3dB)

50MHz (100mm coil);

Low Frequency Bandwidth (-3dB)

Varies with model type (refer to datasheet )

Accuracy (typ.)

Calibrated to ±0.2% with conductor central in the Rogowski loop


Typical variation with conductor position ±2.0% of reading

Operating temperature range

0℃ to +40℃ (Integrator electronics)


–40℃ to +125℃ (Coil and Cable)

Coil Length


Peak coil insulation (coil thickness)

2kV peak (3.5mm thickness)

Cable Length (coil to integrator)


Power Supply

Option ‘B’ Battery 4 x AA (1.5V standard alkali batteries)
Plus - 1.3mm socket for 12V (±10%) DC input


Option ‘R’ Rechargeable Battery 4 x AA (1.2V NiMH batteries) with on-board trickle charge circuitry.
Plus - 1.3mm socket for 12V (±10%) DC input


The CWTMiniHF and now the NEW CWTMini50HF with a high frequency (-3dB) cut-off of 50MHz have two key market leading advantages:

  • Screened (also referred to as ‘shielded’) Rogowski coils (patent JP 6438963, patent pending RoW)
  • Optimised high frequency (HF) performance

Advances in power semiconductors mean that these switches are now capable of :

  • Higher blocking voltages;
  • Faster switching times
  • ... and are smaller and operator at higher temperature

The CWTMini50HF is useful for measuring currents in power converters that use these new power semiconductor technologies, in particular Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices, where rise-times of the order of 10 to 50ns need to be accurately replicated in the presence of dV/dt transients of ≥ 40V/ns.

The CWTMini50HF still retains all the other benefits of our CWT Rogowski probesMini50HF Trace

  • Thin clip around coil, 2kV peak,. 3.5mm;
  • High temperature operation up to +125°C
  • Virtually zero insertion impedance

The CWTMini50HF offers significant advantages for measurements in high speed power and power electronic applications.

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