PEM has been successfully certified to the International Quality Standard ISO9001 since 1998 and its senior management are committed to maintaining an effective and purposeful Quality Management System.

 ISO9001:2015 Certificate  (164kB)                  Quality Policy   (478kB)

Quality Policy

Power Electronic Measurements (PEM) Ltd research, design, manufacture and sell current probes and transducers in a variety of applications and markets. In addition, PEM offer post-sales support and design consultancy services.

PEM understands that its continued success relies on its ability to respond to evolving market trends and by delivering quality products and services that meet the requirements of its customers.
In so far as it is practical and without risk to our staff, others or the environment, the PEM senior management team are committed to:

  • Meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements by providing products and services of a high standard and quality.
  • Work closely with suppliers to establish high standards of bought in materials and services;
  • Promoting the concept of continuous improvement based on risk-based thinking and a process approach;
  • Make available the necessary resources to fulfil the requirements of the QMS;
  • Appropriately communicate our Quality Policy and Objectives and performance against those objectives throughout the company and to interested parties;
  • Engage, train and support our staff to contribute to the effectiveness of the QMS;
  • The implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System compliant to ISO9001:2015 appropriate to our business.
  • Comply with all statutory laws and regulatory requirements with regards to both business and product compliance;
The senior management will periodically review the quality policy and objectives to ensure they are delivering the intended results and that they remain aligned to the company’s strategic goals. 

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