CWT Range of AC Current Probes

The CWT Rogowski current probe is suitable for measuring AC currents ranging from 300 milliamps to hundreds of kA from below 0.1Hz to >30MHz.

CWT Standard

The CWT is a state-of-the art wide-bandwidth AC current probe with typical bandwidths in the range < 1Hz to 16MHz.

  • Robust coils in lengths from 300mm to >1m
  • Insulation Voltage 10kV peak
  • Current Ratings 30A to 600kA



CWT Mini / MiniHF

The CWT Mini & MiniHF are state-of-the art wide-bandwidth ac current probes with typical bandwidths in the range < 1Hz to 30MHz.

  • Two Miniature Coil Sizes; 3.5mm (2kV) or 4.5mm (5kV)
  • Current Ratings 30A to 120kA
  • 'HF' range optimised high frequency & voltage immunity

CWT Mini50HF

  • New - Special edition, screened coil, HF(-3dB) 50MHz for a 100mm circumference coil, peak current 30A to 3kA



CWT Ultra Mini

Maximum coil cross section of 1.7mm fits through the legs of a TO-220 semiconductor device. Bandwidth: fH(-3db) 30MHz

  • Coil Size (Max. 1.7mm Cross Section)
  • Insulation Voltage 1.2kV peak
  • Current Ratings 30A to 6kA




CWT LF – Low Frequency AC Probe

Extended low frequency cut-off to enable measurements of long duration pulses (10’s ms) such as capacitor discharge.

  • Available with Standard or Mini Coil
  • Insulation Voltage 2kV, 5kV or 10kV peak
  • Current Ratings 60A to 300kA