Servicing your Rogowski Current Transducer

All repairs and calibrations are undertaken by PEM at its premises in the UK.  If your PEM Rogowski transducer requires repair or recalibration, please contact your local distributor to arrange for the return of your transducer or contact PEM directly via email:

Returns from within the European Union

Returns from the EU will now need to follow the same procedure as the Rest of the World. Please see below.

PEM have almost 30 years of experience handling returns and repairs from all around the world. However, we appreciate that this will be new to some of our long-standing EU customers so if you have any concerns or questions please email and we will be very happy to help you in any way we can.

Returns from outside the UK

The PEM returns procedure  must be followed. It is important that these procedures are followed during the return of your product to prevent undue duties or tariffs being applied to the cost of your repair.

It is particularly important that the statement "These goods are being returned for repair on a temporary basis under IPR suspension, No. IP / 0922 / 883 / 24" is included on the airway bill, as per the instructions. This statement must be clearly visible on the parcel.

Updated: May 2021