Custom Design

PEM has been at the forefront of current measurement for over 20 years. Our engineering team understand the fundamentals of the technology and its capabilities and have published papers on the subject in leading international journals and conferences. We can offer consultation on the appropriateness of Rogowski technology in your application and offer custom designs for OEM and turnkey projects where necessary.

Our custom designs solutions can range from simple changes to the standard CWT and RCT products (e.g. longer coil lengths, modified frequency responses or adaptation to specific environments), to major new developments for industrial and automotive markets.

We can provide custom designs for one off applications or volume manufacture.

The following case studies provide examples of some of the solutions that PEM have created to meet the diverse needs of our customers:

Harmonic content of interference currentsQuantifying the harmonic content of interference currents in traction applications resulting from VSDs

A common problem in electrical engineering is the measurement of small high frequency interference currents or low strength higher order harmonics in the presence of a large fundamental current.

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Passive Coil and SignwaveMeasuring high frequency, large magnitude, sinusoidal currents. For example in rf transmitters, high frequency induction heating or plasma applications

PEM produce current probes with a very wide-bandwidth capable of measuring from sub 1Hz into the MHz range. However there are certain applications where very large magnitude, high frequency sinusoidal currents necessitate a custom designed probe.

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We have also recently completed the following projects; more detail will be available shortly:

  • Monitoring stray currents in machine shafts that can lead to bearing failure.
  • Permanently installed lightning measurement.
  • Measuring power frequency earth leakage currents in large structures or in high power applications.
  • Fast transient fault current detection.
  • A wide-band low cost automotive current sensor.
  • RCT1A in protection applications driving inductive loads such as relays.

If you want advice or think that your application lies outside the capabilities of our standard ranges, please Contact Us giving as much information about your requirement as possible and we will be happy to discuss your application.